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Tecnologie di produzione ( 9 CFU )
Prof. Roberto Groppetti
     Tel. 0521.905886           E-mail. roberto.groppetti@unipr.it

Aim of the class is the study of manufacturing processes and systems for industrial parts and products. A systematic approach is adopted for understanding the basic principles and mechanisms of manufacturing processes, and for understanding their capabilities and limitations in terms of functional performance achievable for manufactured products, and in terms of production requirements and constraints. Manufacturing process design and manufacturing process planning are introduced, as well as their integration with product design in computer-aided environments.
Theoretical modeling of manufacturing processes is aimed towards the analysis and prediction of the effects of process variables and towards the automation of manufacturing process execution. Traditional manufacturing processes are covered, as long as some innovative processes. Design for manufacturing and concurrent engineering is also covered.
The class will consist in lectures and applicative sessions. Team projects will be developed involving the discussion of industrial case studies.

Basics and classification of manufacturing processes. Modeling shape transformation in manufacturing processes. Relationships between product and manufacturing process; product design and process planning. Manufacturing process selection criteria.
Introduction to the analysis of the properties and behavior of engineering materials. Tests for determining material properties, stress-strain curves. Structure and classification of metallic, polymeric, ceramic and composite materials.

Manufacturing processes based on mass conservation. Casting processes. Basics of solidification and cooling of metals; types and classification of casting processes: sand casting, die casting, etc. Casting process design. Forming processes: rolling, extrusion, forging, sheet metal bending, deep drawing, etc. Forming systems. Powder metallurgy.

Manufacturing processes based on mass reduction. Machining processes. Fundamentals of cutting mechanics and chip formation. Cutter geometry. Machining process variables: cutting velocity, wear and tool life. Cutting force and power evaluation. Machinability of metals. Optimal cutting conditions. Turning, milling, drilling, boring, finishing. Types and classification of machine tools: structure, shape and functionality. Material removal process planning: machining cycles. Sheet metal cutting and punching. Hydro-Abrasive Machining and Water Jet Machining. Laser cutting.

Manufacturing processes based on mass increase. Joining processes: welding, adhesive bonding, mechanical fastening. Assembly processes: basics and principles. Assembly operations and systems: feeding, orienting and inserting parts. Design for assembly.

Manufacturing processes for polymeric and composite materials. Manufacture of fiber reinforced plastics, injection molding

Attività d'esercitazione
Le laboratory activities will be concerned with the applications of methodologies and techniques for manufacturing process selection and planning. A team project will involve the design and analysis of manufacturing processes for an industrial case study, typically in connection with some industrial company.

Modalità d'esame
The exam will consist in a written and an oral part including the discussion of the team project

Fisica, Chimica Applicata, Analisi matematica, Disegno Industriale

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