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Technical architecture ( 9 CFU )
Prof. Francesco Fulvi
     Phone: 0521.233621 -           E-mail. francesco.fulvi@unipr.it

The course of Technical Architecture has the purpose of providing the cultural resources and basic operating to understand and tackle the main design issues related to the technological system of the building structure through a conscious use of materials and construction technologies aimed at respect of the environment and welfare of the people housed. The didactic program uses lectures, brief insights entrusted to experts and sector companies, guided tours in building site, classroom exercises. During the course will be carried out individual examinations “ex tempore” and a project realized in team, an individual construction detail who dispense the student from the written examination.

Principles of bioclimatic and environmental sustainability
Construction techniques
The materials for the construction in their forms
The building system
The building structure in its sub-systems: technologic, environmental and functional-spatial and individuation of related requirements and performance
The efficient plants
The technology for housing and energy conservation

Laboratory activities
Design and group workshops in the classroom on the themes developed in lessons

Examination methods
The examination consists of an oral exam, a presentation of a draft drawn up in groups during the practical lessons and a presentation of an individual constructive detail assigned during the course.
For those who have not followed the exercises during the year, the exam consists of an oral exam about the topics discussed in class and editing of a construction detail, assigned at the time.

Suggested textbooks
Agnese Ghini, casa tecnologia ambiente, Maggioli Editore 2011
Torricelli M. C., Del Nord R., Felli P., Materiali e tecnologie dell’architettura, Laterza, Bari, 2002.
Chiostri F., Furiozzi B., Pilati D., Sestini V., Tecnologia dell’architettura, Alinea, Firenze, 1993.

Other useful books
Lecture notes available at the Documentation Centre of the Faculty
David Wright Abitare con il sole, abc dell’architettura naturale, Franco Muzzio & c. editore, Padova, 1981
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