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Fundamentals of quantum physics ( 6 CFU )
Prof. Rosanna Capelletti
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Introduction to modern physics topics and applications of interest in the electronic engineering field, including a) the experiments which brought to the quanta theory introduction, b) the quantum-and wave-mechanical approach.

Quantum Mechanical approach to simple systems
Uncertainty, correspondence, and complementarity principles. Vibrating string equation. Eigenfunctions and eigenvalues. Quantum mechanics postulates.
Free particle in a box: Schr÷dinger equation. Energy levels. Probability density. Application to free electrons in metals, quantum wells, colour centres.
Harmonic oscillator: Schr÷dinger equation. Energy levels. Probability density. Application to vibrational spectra of heteronuclear molecules and lattice vibrations in solids.
Hydrogen and hydrogenoid atoms: Schr÷dinger equation. Energy levels. Probability density. Rigid rotor, as simplified case. Application to rotational spectra of heteronuclear molecules
Potential wall and tunnel effect. Tunnel junctions. Tunnel microscope (STM).
Energy bands in crystalline solids. Kronig-Penney model. Classification of solids according to band theory. Insulators, metals, and semiconductors. Electron dynamics. Effective mass. Fermi-Dirac statistics. Electrical conductivity. Optical properties of semiconductors, insulators, and photonic crystals.
Electromagnetic radiation and matter interaction. Selection rules. Lasers.

Examination methods
Verbal test.

Mathematics. General Physics.

Suggested textbooks
Eisberg R., Resnick R. Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids and Nuclei, John Wiley ed. (New York), 1985.
Kittel C., Introduction to Solid State Physics, VI edition , John Wiley ed. (New York), 1986.
Capelletti R., Fisica Generale III, Notes of the course (in italian), Santa Croce ed. (Parma), 1997
Capelletti R., Fisica Moderna, Notes of the course (in italian), 2003.

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