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Laboratory of Automatic Drawing ( 3 CFU )
Prof. Chiara Vernizzi
     Phone: 0521-905936 - Fax: 0521-905924           E-mail. chiara.vernizzi@unipr.it

The laboratory of Automatic Drawing will take place at the laboratories of the Basic Science in the Teaching Engineering headquarters and it will consist of communications to provide the basic information about instrumentation to produce drawings applying the knowledge of concepts and basic commands of Autocad.

Because of its wide dissemination, the choice of software to perform the exercises has fallen on AutoCAD for Windows, in versions available in the laboratories of the faculty.
During the exercises they will be explained the basic concepts and commands essential in order to be able to proceed to the implementation of any type of two-dimensional and three dimensional drawing.
These exercises will be verified with the assignment of an exercise to make graphics with knowledge.
In detail, the communications will be as follows:
The basics of Autocad: the concept of scale, the concept of working on multiple levels (the creation of a prototype design using several layers), layers’ attributes (color, linetype, etc.).
Drawing a line without references (ortho ortho on and off) the visualization in Autocad.
Drawing basic entities (points, lines, polylines, arcs, circles, etc..).
Using the coordinates of Autocad, corners, object snap, and textures. Query the entities: the commands list and distance.
Some commands to modify entities drawn: delete, copy, move, offset, mirror, wheel alignment series, strech, scale, size, extend, explodes. The dimensioning in autocad. Writing with Autocad. Change the attributes of entities drawn: changing property, changing the text.

Examination methods
At the conclusion of the laboratory it will request the establishment of an exercise that requires the application of concepts learned in relation to major commands of the program and principles of the coded representation of a building assigned.

None (suggested: Drawing)

Suggested textbooks
P. Clini: “Architettura in CAD. Metodi e tecniche per la rappresentazione”, Pitagora Editrice, Bologna, 2008
G. Koser, D. Zirwas: “Fondamenti di Autocad. Un approccio progressivo”, Pearson, 2008
V. Caffi, L. De Andrea: “Modellazione 3D con Autocad. Dal modello alle viste”, Pearson, 2010

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