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Sistemi elettronici industriali A ( 4 CFU )
Prof. Luciano Varani
     Phone: 0521207891 -           E-mail. varani@libero.it

The course is indeed to supply to students informations about the microprocessors and microcontrollers architecture , how to program them and how to interface them in industrial environment.
To reach this aims, will be used dedicated software and will be spent some hours in a electronic's laboratory.

The industrial control
• Industrial control’s aims
• Main devices for the acquisition of information
• Actuators
• Controls and controllers: PLC and microcrontroller cards

From microprocessors to microcontrollers
• Microprocessor and microcontrollers architecture
• Functional groups in microcontrollers
• I/O ports, counters, timers, A/D converters
• Comunication ports, bus controllers
• Memory areas: program memory, registers, user’s RAM, EEPROM, stack area

Microcontrollers’s programming
• Programming languages ( with special note to the examinated CPU assembly)
• Programming phases: editing, compiling and linking
• Assembly directive
• Destination file’s format
• Execution time
• Debugging, simulation and emulation
• Code transferring to program memory

Microcontroller's programs structure
• Main Loop
• Procedures
• Polling and interrupts
• Reset events
• Interrupt’s management
• Branching and loops

Microcontroller cards
• Power supply
• I/O system
• Clock system
• Comunication systems

Microcontroller cards at work

• Multiple an single-card control system
• Comunication bus
• Supervisor systems

Suggested textbooks
Teacher's notes , examined microcontroller's data sheet .
At the end of theorical course it's foreseen a sperimental phase; In these period the student have to realize a complete project based on a microcontroller.

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