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Qualita' e affidabilita' in elettronica ( 5 CFU )
Prof. Ilaria De Munari
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This module aims at giving to the student the main instruments to deal with problems concerning reliability of electronic devices and systems. Notions of quality improvement, statistical process control and acceptance sampling will be also provided.

Introduction to Reliability Engineering
Reliability Prediction and Modelling
Reliability in Design
Reliability of electronic devices and systems
Design of reliability tests and data analysis
Principals failure mechanisms
Examples of failure analysis techniques

The meaning of quality and quality improvement
Statistical methods used in quality improvement
Statistical Process Control techniques
Acceptance sampling

Laboratory activities
Classroom exercises

Examination methods
Oral discussion

Suggested textbooks
P. D. T. O'Connor, Practical Reliability Engineering, John Wiley & Sons, 1992
P.A. Tobias, D. Trindade, Applied Reliability, Van Nostrand Reinholds, 1986
D.C. Montgomery, Controllo statistico della qualita', McGraw-Hill, 2000

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