Fisica tecnica A (Applied Thermodynamics)       ( 5 CFU )

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Understanding of thermodynamics, and its applications.

Thermodynamics. System, property, state. Pressure, temperature, zeroth law. Energy, heat, work. The first law. Expansion and compressibility. Enthalpy and specific heats. Heat engines and refrigerators. Second law. The Clausius inequality. Entropy. Increase-in-entropy principle. Isentropic processes. Carnot’s principle, the Carnot cycle. The p-v-T surface, diagrams (pressure-volume, temperature-entropy, enthalpy-entropy, pressure-enthalpy, temperature-enthalpy). Steam Tables. Politropic process. Ideal gas, equation of state, internal energy, enthalpy, entropy, specific heats. The compressibility factor, real gases and corresponding states, the virial equation of state, the Obert Nelson diagram. Liquids, vapours. General conservation of energy and mass principles for a control volume. Heat exchangers, pump, compressors, turbines, valves. Gas power cycles (Brayton, Otto, Diesel, Stirling, Ericson). Vapour power cycles (Rankine). Refrigeration systems, vapour and gas cycles. Absorption refrigeration. The heat pump. Ideal gas mixture. Composition analysis of gas mixtures. Properties of a mixture of an ideal gas and a vapour. Specific enthalpy J. Wet and dry bulb temperature. The psychrometric chart. Air conditioning processes.

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Solutions of problems

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Oral examination

Mathematics and Physics

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